Our Services

We provide a wide range of IT and Health Care technology services to meet most of your business requirements in these fields. As a leading provider of HMIS in Kenya, we have all the experiences and skills to offer both Health Care and IT software solutions and hardware support services for our clients

Cloud-based SmartCare Services

All software and information is stored exclusively on an online network (referred to as being "in the cloud") with the Internet as the point of access for all users. The nature and number of users who can access the software and information in the cloud is securely controlled. Compared to conventional solutions such as installed software, cloud computing is uniquely defined by these characteristics: On-demand self-service, agility and scalability.

Network Support Services

A traditional network support service is no longer good enough. You need a professional network monitoring service that spots problems before they affect performance. Our investment in the latest network support technologies and the valuable partnerships means that we can provide businesses like HMIS with all the IT services needed for implementation.

Software Support Services

We provide all the required software services to support and maintain our main solution SmartCare HMIS, software support team works closely with our IT support team to ensure that the entire IT system is monitored and maintained to keep it running smoothly.

Data Security Over Network

Maintaining network security is now more challenging than ever Protecting all of your systems all of the time is challenging in today’s ever-changing threat environment. New threats emerge every day. Spam, phishing, viruses, and hackers can steal your valuable data and disrupt your network. Keeping your data safe requires total protection against all types of known and unknown threats. Intersoft Technologies can take care of your entire IT system, including servers, PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and business software and intenet access.

Data Migration

During the implementation process, TGI resources assist customers in migrating their existing legacy data into...

Branch Management using Remote Access

Do you want to have real-time access to your branch offices? The system will give you an instant, one-click connect to your different locations. You can specify which branch is accessible remotely. You can choose which remote users have access; you decide what access a remote user gets.

Branch Management using Data Synchronization

Synchronization refers to the movement of Information between two or more locations, say branch office (x) to branch office (y), in a secure way. You may decide to share information periodically and set the date and timing. After the Synchronization has been setup, exchanging business information between the locations is just a click away. This process ensure smooth functioning by setting two sets of data - enabling a user to work with data that is current and the data at a central location.